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Popular Hair Colors for Summer

Summer is a time for fun, excitement, and brand new hair colors. Hair color trends come and go, sometimes as fast as the actual season they are popular. This summer, you are free to do pretty much whatever you want, but you should keep a few things in mind when you are choosing a new color for your hair.

A trend that will be rather popular is the 80's cyber hair colors. Streaks of black, neon green, blues, and pinks in unexpected places will be in, but this kind of hair will depend entirely on what scene you are currently into. Contrasting highlights are another thing that will be pretty popular this summer. For example, brown hair with platinum highlights or blonde hair with red highlights. Again, this is more of a scene look and you should be careful when you decide to go with this style that it is really what you want, because it can be hard to get your hair looking natural again.

Natural colors
are very popular for this summer. This means choosing colors that look good with your complexion, not something that is obviously fake or is overly dramatic. If you want to go for a natural color, keep in mind that highlights are not as popular in a natural look this summer. If you really want highlights, go for the sun-kissed look. Use colors that are just a shade lighter than your hair color, and spread them around under the layers to give a soft, natural look to your hair. You should also choose matte colors, like reds, deep browns, or blacks. If you really like blonde, choose warm blonde tones, such as honey blondes or golden blondes. Platinum will be fine this summer as long as it matches your skin tone.

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