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Summer Haircuts 2012: An idea for every face shape [PHOTO]

Summer Haircuts 2012 - The summer is coming and often the girls also want to change haircut: so, for this summer 2012 you are undecided about what to do? Proposals that are in fashion? We will try to answer all these questions, also giving indications about which to choose based on your facial shape, saying what must be avoided. To have any better idea, check out the photo gallery below, which will help you choose the right idea for you.
The first step is to understand what is trendy next season and what is outmoded, really doing its course. Remains in step with the times the natural effect: Broad then waves for long hair and a very casual style, for those frayed shorts. In the matter of color are fashionable reflections with techniques such as natural or Shatush Balayage, with small clumps of little darker than your natural, or a 'sea effect' on the hair, with lighter tips and root of your color.

The long smooth and perfect looks really had run its course in recent years, although the version with fringe and bob is in fashion. Only the most aggressive, there is also one of the must used by many stars of the show: shaved on one side and the other long. Dedicated only to those who had a strong desire of daring. Very much used in short cuts, is much more drastic in the long ones: Use with extreme caution in order not to come home crying after being at the hairdresser. Established these criteria we can now look at the cuts that look good on different types of face.

We start from the oval. You can really choose the trendiest cuts without having any kind of remorse, because you adapt to everything, you have no limits on the lines. If you have long hair is just an idea to let them fall on the shoulders without bending, with a little 'hair of foam, which makes them more bulky. If you have straight hair like spaghetti and want to make them bigger, you can opt for a permanent mild, allowing you to keep in order or make use of curlers. The line of hair is just to your taste: Side fringe, tuft or hair all slicked back, in the fashionable hairstyle, like a ponytail.

We continue with a round face, you have to avoid two things: the middle line and the bangs straight and clear. Your faults will only be exacerbated as a side line can focus attention on the cheekbones and give the optical illusion of a more elongated. However, it is recommended an average cut length, it reaches at least the length of the chin, for incorniciarne form. And the square face? Avoid the clean lines that accentuate your edges, wisps of side bets and scaled cakes, which soften your oval.

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