Short Haircuts for Summer 2012

With the heat is like a loose fit and casual: fashion helps us and proposes a series of short cuts chic and trendy. Here are all the advice if you have decided to say goodbye to long hair!

By the summer of 2012 comes the new short haircuts! The watchword is daring and not afraid to say goodbye to long hair to show off a trendy look, perky and fresh as well as ultra-feminine and practical, common-proof beach and swimming in the pool.


The trends short hairstyle for summer 2012 prefer wavy and a little 'wild, perhaps with a large sprig Side important and very soft volume on top of your head that gives movement. A cut or allow them to dry naturally, for the most elegant evenings, with large curlers, so take a look from another era or a diva of the '30s femme fatal.

If you are calmer or sports you can opt for a cut less airy, but more sassy tomboy with and parted on the side, very strong tinge on the neck, severe scaling, and fold symmetries composed.
The real protagonist of the short cuts, however, always remains the tuft of longer and voluntarily leave the eyes in order to bestow an air of mysterious and sensual. This creates a mix of retro and modernity and an opposition with the side lengths minimized.


Every look and every cut has its own color in fashion: the romantic opt for a massive blur, soft brown with a nice warm reflections; bombs cut retro sexy blond Hollywood, the most sassy tomboy haircut and jet black.
The traditional cut domed boule of Jean Louis David is well in ash blonde, but the hedgehog moved in a Caribbean style hot chocolate and black African.

And if you do not you dare, read the special haircuts for summer 2012 VeraClasse look and find a long-or medium for you ....

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