Short Haircuts 2012

Short haircuts 2012: The stars choose a helmet

Are you thinking of cutting my hair but do not know how? The best choice is always the headband. A haircut versatile and suitable for any occasion that you can comb through the various modes and, if left a bit 'long will also allow you to tie your hair into a sophisticated ponytail. But here is the look of the stars who have chosen the bob haircut.

From Gwyneth Paltrow Natalie Portman, the most beautiful women in Hollywood have been through the helmet. A short haircut, but that women can be elegant or casual, is easy to dry and comb and can be straight or wavy hair. Women with the bob haircut is always very feminine thanks to the fact that hint at the neck and that this type of hair as if he has a shot to the face risaltandone's features.

Here is all the stars who have chosen the bob haircut and a few more ideas.

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