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Ponytail Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

Ponytail Hairstyles - The ponytail is the most immediate in many occasions. It 'a simple hairstyle, requires very little effort and you're never out of trend, as evidenced by the numerous catwalks and celebrities who flaunt ponytails or minimal details on the red carpet. Although people often choose a ponytail when you do not have time to take care of your hair, giving a look unkempt or extremely casual with this hair, ponytails are recently proposed several options, pointing to her hair with braids or locks undulating, lateral flow or very high. Take a look at the then proposed to be sexy summer styles and impact with just a ponytail.

Bella Thorne, actress, dancer, and American model, sports a ponytail hairstyle with characterized by a first part and then braided tail almost smooth, enlivened by some waves made with a curling iron. Appearance casual, messy for the supermodel Lydia Hearst and often this is one of the styles of the most difficult to pull off. A hairstyle that is fine, however both day and night. Spread the previously twisted and lacquered hair, fingers, spread out the hands lightly on the waves and then sprinkle a little 'hair styling product, the formula does not always light to weigh down the structure of hairdressing. Then twist the strands for a few seconds with an iron and shake out your hair. Sprinkle the curls with hairspray and you'll have your perfect look for summer, customized with trendy accessories this year.
The style of Ellen Hollman has been surprisingly easy to recreate. All you need is an iron for 'curling'. Once you have your hair tied back, take a small lock of hair from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the tail to hide the elastic and secure with a bobby pin the same color of your hair. Brush the remaining creating a feeling of softness.

Janina Stopper for low-side tail, a young German actress, who provides a very versatile look to adapt and not in formal situations. Tie the hair side and then gently with your fingers loose hair above the ear and leave a few strands. The result is more natural and better for this hairstyle.

Finally, be inspired by the look of Kristen Stewart, with a style from grunge to glamor summed up in casual chic, sporting almost always. Ponytails so not only when we have dirty hair but also for being a trendy summer hairstyle characterized by natural waves, with hot and intense textures that reflect the sunshine and warm heartedness of the season. Play with your fingers and smooth your hair.

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