Neymar Mohawk Style with Mohawk Haircut

Neymar da Silva, revealed the secret of his style mohawk haircut, who wears proudly, and said his father was the first opponent to do it.

"I always liked this track, I wanted to become a long ridge but my father took my foot and not let me," he said in an interview

Neymar confessed that he had to disobey his father to show off the court that made him famous at home and it made ​​during a rally with his club Santos in Brazil. "Before I wore short hair, but in 2010 I left my long hair and concentration did with my team crest, along with my colleague AndrĂ©" he said.

"My father learned when I started playing the tournament and when he saw me he said, what have you done to your hair," said the Brazilian, who has become a sensation.

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