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How to protect your hair from chlorine in swimming pool

If you have to stay in town for the last weeks of work and you're in a city far from the sea, of course you happen to attend the pool or at least some pre summer swim to keep fit before you do the costume fitting. What often stops us is fear that chlorine can mess up our hair, but here's how to protect them in a few moves.
Chlorine is a substance on the skin that is very aggressive on the hair, if it were not so, moreover, does not act as a disinfectant, but for this we must protect ourselves before each use and care for treating skin and hair after each bath.

The chlorine alters the pH of the skin and makes it dry and dehydrated, this could also make the hair dry and brittle at the base will be weaker and the color and the softness will be affected. The disinfectants that are usually used to purify swimming pools reduce the hydro-lipid film of the skin and hair by depriving them of their natural protection against external aggression, therefore, both the skin and hair will be more sensitive to external agents and also appear less attractive and aesthetically hydrated but more opaque and brittle.

The first and very useful protection that you will use pre protect the hair is the headset, but obviously not enough, the chlorine will touch their hair and their care will also be made.

It will be very important to moisturize your hair well after diving in the pool, it must come out of the bath immediately remove chlorine from skin and hair with a warm shower. The best thing would make products using little foamy and not aggressive.

At the preventive level you can use compresses nourishing oils such as linseed oil, can be applied before the dive, the effect will be wet and avoid the aggression of hair from the chlorine. Other good products are macassar oil and almond oil.

After the bath, you can also use a very mild shampoo and at home, once they return you can make nourishing masks once a week. For the mask as always grandma's remedies are the best, the cheapest and less aggressive, a mask to keep the egg on the hair for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

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