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Haircuts for oval face fall/winter 2011-2012

If you are curious to find the right hairstyle suitable for your oval face, taking into account the trends for autumn/winter 2011-2012, take a look at some tips and some shots in the gallery below. The oval face is considered to be the perfect one: the width of the face is equal to half the length of the same. This enables you to dare any kind of cut without worrying about having to hide any defects or opt for a line rather than another.
Unlike haircuts for round face, you should not wear such a fringe straight or wavy hair too have not to make their lines more rounded, some oval face like you can really choose the trendiest cuts without having any kind of remorse. Now we go into more detail about the solutions that dictate fashion and its runways for the season is almost upon us. Vince on all the natural effect: a trick which is actually very difficult to achieve if you do not already have the hair a little 'hair. If you have long hair it is just an idea to let them fall on the shoulders without bending, with a little 'hair of foam, which makes them more bulky but not too dry. If you are lucky enough to have wavy hair is the right time you can rid of the hated plate without problems, but if you have straight hair are two options: go for a permanent bland that lets you keep in order keep the volume or use the curlers.

The location of the line hair as much as you can dare: side fringe, tuft or hair all slicked back, in a trendy hairstyle, like a ponytail, big comeback this fall.
But if you love the short hair, the options here are endless. Those more fashion must always keep in mind the natural effect so far are scaled or feathered moved even if the remains timeless bob hairstyle for this season too cold: sharply with the bangs, or pulled back with no line, frayed, and the asymmetric sides, not really a limit to your imagination.

For ideas take a look at the stars with an oval face: Charlize Theron, who recently appeared in a new commercial for the perfume J'adore Dior, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba and many more. The first one is left to be conquered by the helmet crested with the smooth side, a cut always in style. The actress became popular with Transformers has looked back and all of a hairstyle Jessica Alba, especially early in his career, made of natural hair effect on his business card.

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