I Want To Blonde Hair Naturally

Want To Blonde Hair Naturally

The blonde highlights back from vacation so it is particularly inspiring. But no question of damaging hairstyle with harsh. Honey, chamomile, and beer, lemon: here is the procedure for a 100% natural blond!
image © Mondadori onto grazia.fr

This is a classic well known of all blondinettes! Chamomile has indeed very effective lightening of the virtues and many shampoos contain blond hair.

The technique: For an effective home-made lotion, simply infuse 2 large handfuls of chamomile flowers in a large bowl of boiling water. It is cool and is used simply in the final rinse water, after our usual shampoo. Then allowed to dry and we normally cover. With regular application, our hair will be adorned with sublime reflections! This technique for who Want To Blonde Hair Naturally

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